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In order to volunteer at the shelter, you must be at least 18 years old.  If you are interested, please click on the following link to fill out an application.  

Volunteer Link

Volunteers have been in the North Smithfield Animal Shelter since 1980. Great progress has been made in animal welfare during the past 25 years. With the help of The Friends of North Smithfield Animal Shelter, formed in 1990, we have gone from a one-room pound to a state of the art facility and from a “dog-catcher” to an Animal Control Officer willing to work with the volunteers to help save animals’ lives. Every animal is now evaluated on an individual basis by the Animal Control Officer and an animal technician.

What Can I Do?

Foster care

Help animals make the transition from stray to shelter resident by caring for one in your home.

Work at a Fundraiser

The Friends of the N.S. Animal Shelter, hold numerous events throughout the year to raise money for pet food, veterinary care and building maintenance.


Can you knit, crochet, arrange flowers or bake? Put your talents to good use for raffles and sales. Homemade items are always a hit, and you’ll be helping our furry friends at the same time.

Gardening and Grounds Keeping

Now that the Memorial Garden is in place, we’ll need a few green thumbs to keep it picture perfect!

Business and Community Liaison

The shelter is an important part of North Smithfield, and building good relationships with local businesses and organizations is one of our top priorities.

Educate Others In Proper Pet Care

Do you have a knack for public speaking? Give talks and present slide shows to schools and community organizations.


volunteersBeing a volunteer quickly becomes one of the most rewarding jobs possible. It is one of the few positions in which you are able to see just how much you are needed and how much you are accomplishing. Volunteers keep the Center open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This allows us to spend time with the animals so that they can be exercised and socialized. Once you realize how much they depend on you and look forward to your being there, going into the shelter becomes a joy. Another important aspect is dealing with the public. This includes reuniting pets with owners, educating people about proper pet care and, of course adoptions. Finding quality homes for unwanted animals is one of the most gratifying parts of the job. You will see many scared, lonely animals become healthy, happy pets because of your dedication to their welfare. If you’re beginning to think that this is too much of a commitment, please note that the minimum amount of time asked for is only 3 hours a month. So please consider becoming a volunteer. It could become one of the most enriching things you ever do!

“I’ll do anything just don’t ask me to work in the shelter.”

Many peole are hesitant to volunteer at a shelter because of misconceptions. An animal control center in a small town such as North Smithfield affords us the luxury of caring for an animal until it is adopted, which means many of them are in the facility well beyond average. Animals are only euthanized in extreme conditions, usually because of an incurable medical condition or if the animal has proved to be a danger to humans and therefore deemed unadoptable. Unfortunately, by the time some animals come to us, they’ve suffered so much at the hands of neglectful owners that the effects are irreversible.

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