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We adopted Kodiak (known at the shelter as Chinook) in December of 2009.  When we first went to visit him at the shelter this timid, scrawny Husky was too afraid to even come over and greet us, choosing instead to hide in the corner of his pen.  When we were finally able to get him to interact with us, we quickly saw that this beautiful boy was just a sweetheart looking for a family to love him. The decision was easy; Kodiak would be coming home with us. It took him a few weeks to get comfortable in his new home, but once Kodiak settled in his wonderful personality began to show. Kodi quickly became the king of the house, and a major “Mommy’s boy” (his human brother and sister agree, Kodi is the favorite child).He enjoys walks with his humans, playing tug of war, car rides, and lounging in the sun. Kodi has made a wonderful addition to our family and added so much love and laughter to our home. We are so glad that we made the decision to take a chance and adopt that shy Husky we met that day in December.
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